Cuisine. Exuding vitality and power, but also subtlety and perfectionism. The food is just like Beat Caduff himself. We transform the best original produce into small, sophisticated masterpieces of everyday cuisine. Dedicated and ambitious, Caduff does not demand the moon and the stars – in fact, quite the opposite. A confident effortlessness distinguishes his cuisine.

Cellar. Thousands of wine bottles lie in an air-conditioned undercroft under the Wine Loft, illuminated by candles. The wine menu available in the restaurant contains a collection which could be a tourist landmark in itself. Even experienced wine connoisseurs pay attention when Beat Caduff waxes lyrical about his newly-discovered rare wines.

This may seem to be a slight exaggeration, but it’s not. You should see Beat Caduff at the Zurich Market at 4 am doing the shopping! This requires the utmost concentration and real passion – he knows exactly what he wants. Only the freshest vegetables, the most aromatic fruit, only the tastiest herbs. He also demands the highest quality meat, fish and cheese from his suppliers. There is no excuse.

If Beat is not 100% convinced, the item is 100% guaranteed not to reach the kitchen, and will be sent right back to the supplier. It doesn’t even register that he should compromise on quality.

Beat Caduff works hard to achieve the very best and does not shy away from constantly sourcing the best-quality produce. The best quality is obviously not the cheapest. And what costs more to buy will then, understandably, also cost more on the plate. But how much more enjoyment is there in sampling delicacies that you know are second to none. Fresh every day, new every day, different every day.

Hand on heart: Would you be happier with second-best here at Caduff’s Wine Loft? Exactly. Neither would we. And that’s why we stick to our admittedly stubborn philosophy on quality. But you wouldn’t have expected anything else from a true Grisonian such as Beat Caduff.


there is a new menu at the Wine Loft every day: The shopping is done early in the morning and the menu is created around the fresh supplies bought at the market. The following applies: “Whilst stocks last.” In the afternoons and evenings, there are about twenty different dishes to choose from – for smaller appetites and also half-portions. There are also sixty varieties of cheese on the menu, five of the best raw hams in the world, dried meats, sausages, salamis and various types of bread. One of Beat Caduff’s many particular passions is wine. He has about 2,222 types of wine from all over the world. At least 20 are served by the glass for two weeks at any one time. In the air-conditioned basement of Caduff’s Wine Loft is a small selection from the “Vinothek zum Wohlsein” warehouse. Choose a wine to accompany your food, or maybe even just to drink. We can even deliver it direct to your home. Whoever wants to enjoy a glass of our excellent wine can find space at our 18-metre-long bar in the heart of the Loft. You can be sure that no-one will suggest or offer a wine that you’ll regret the next day.

The atmosphere in the Wine Loft should be relaxed, elegant and lively, and the service should be relaxed, friendly and professional. According to our motto: “You come as a guest and leave as a friend.”