We reject unripe fruit. Out fruit stays on the tree or bush until it is fully ripe and can be picked. Only then are peaches so juicy that they drip on your shirt. Only then do melons develop their intense flavour and their full sweetness. Only then can we serve you berries whose taste positively explodes in your mouth.


We look for exceptional flavour here too. And it should be allowed to develop slowly and not be forced.


We are constantly finding new varieties in Andalusia, Sardinia, Sicily and the South of France. But in July, our tomatoes come directly from Swiss farmers. And they are very special Pro Specia Rara products.


Freshness, freshness and more freshness! We look out for wild-caught fish, line-caught if possible, and from cold and clear waters. We see the difference and you’ll taste it.

Shellfish and crustaceans

The same goes for our shellfish. We are also on the lookout for shellfish which has been caught under the ice or from distant islands where the sea water is particularly pure and clean.


Only flavoursome, slowly developed and well stored meat attracts our interest. For example, Charolais, Black Angus, Hereford, Siegenthaler, Kabier, Chianina and Wagyu.


We find that meat from Emmental (CH) is the best.


Ormalinger Jungschwein (CH), Bierschwein (CH), Alpschwein (CH), Pata Negra (E) and Noir de Bigorre (F).


Bresse, Miral, Label Rouge, Geline de Touraine from Brittany, Burgundy and the Ardèche.

Game and wild birds

Our game is supplied by professionals. No later than three or four hours after they are killed, the animals are placed in cold storage at a temperature of 2°C. According to expert advice, they are then hung in their fur for seven to ten days. The birds keep their feathers and are not vacuum-packed. We hang these birds up ourselves for seven to ten days.