Let the festivities begin!

Winter menu until 31st December 2018

We are happy to take reservations for your Christmas Events during the year. Some menu proposals for groups from 10 persons are listed below. Please make sure that you choose one single menu for all your guests.

(Soups can also be choosen as small sized course or intermezzo)

Spinach cream soup 14
Pumpkin cream-soup with Styrian pumpkin seed oil 14
Parsley root cream soup 14
Madras curry-ginger-cappuccino with baby scallop 24
Madras curry-ginger-cappuccino without baby scallop 16
Fowl and chestnut cream soup 16
Potatoes-leek soup 16
Potatoes-leek soup with black truffle 24
Grison barley soup 18
Oxtail essence made with red wine and root vegetables 26
Lobster bisque with a half of a lobster tail 38
Fresh season salad with tepid vegetables 20
Corn salad with pear dressing, dried meat, egg and croutons 22
Barley tartar with dried meat 24
Italian goat cheese wrapped in jerky on a puff pastry pillow 28
Tepid salmon with ginger-estragon and herbs salad 26
Codfish with ratatouille provancal 26
Marinated calamaris «basque style» 28
Pikeperch filet on a pumpkin- and carrot-lemongrass mousse 28
Canadian wild catch scallops with beetroot carpaccio 30
Tower of lightly smoked Balik-salmon with chive crêpe and avocado cream 32
Half rock lobster tail onhorseradish-potato mousse and sweet pepper coulis 36
Guinea faul terrine with black trumpet mushrooms and pistachio 28
Caduff’s duck fois gras terrine with Riesling gelée and fruits 38

Sepia spaghetti with scampi and vegetables (as a first CHF 38) 66
Beef Bourgignon with fine noodles and root vegetables 36
French chicken breast with «test negra» porcini, rosemary fondant potatoes and season vegetables 38
Caduff’s meat loaf/small Caduff’s burgers with Datterini tomato-basil sauce, potato mousse and seasonal vegetables 38
Canette duck breast with port wine jus, porcini risotto and carrots served two ways 44
Braised veal roulade stuffed with porcini, potatoes mousse and vegetables 48
Braised veal with morels, risotto Sardinian style, carrots and salsify 48
In red wine braised Pata Negra cheeks with «spaetzle» and root vegetables 54
Irish lamb racks with herb sauce «Provençal style», potato gratin and glazed black salsify 56
Black Angus beef filet with herbs butter, ricotta gnocchi and winter vegetables 66
Roast Saddle of venison with game cream sauce, “spaetzle” and marinated red cabbage 65
Bison filet with tomato and herbs butter, saffron risotto and vegetables 79

Vegetarian dishes

Red Thai-Curry with vegetables and jasmine rice 30
Stuffed sweet peppers with ratatouille and rice 30
Artichokes risotto with marinated rocket and scales of parmesan cheese 34
Greek «Moussaka» with feta cheese 34
Porcini stuffed Ravioli with sautéed mushrooms 36
Fine noodles with porcini à la crème and vegetables 36
Potato-mushroom strudel 36
Umbrian Castelluccio lentils with Riesling-mustard sauce and vegetables 32
Home made fruit sorbet 6/scoop
Almond crème brûlée with Madagascar vanilla 14
Bio lemon-curd mousse with fresh fruits 14
Grandmother’s caramelizedcreamwith mountaintangerine ice cream 14
Plum dumpling with vanilla sauce 16
Cinnamon mousse with blood orange 16
Williams parfait with gingerbread cream and caramelized plum 16
Bolivian wild chocolate mousse with blood orange sorbet 16
Iced sugared pancake with rosins and apple chutney 16
Tarte tatin with Tahiti-vanilla ice cream 18
Tepid Felchlin «grand cru» choccolate cake with berries 18
Chocolate truffle cake with caramelized pear 18
Parsley root cream soup 14
Roast Saddle of venison with game cream sauce, “spaetzle”and marinated red cabbage 65
Williams parfait with gingerbread cream and caramelized plum 16
Canadian wild catchscallops with beetroot carpaccio 30
Braised vealwith morels, risotto Sardinian style, carrots and salsify 48
Iced sugared pancake with rosins with rum and apple chutney 16

With all our menu proposals, you can also choose a raw milk cheese variation (starting from CHF 18) instead of a dessert.

If you would like to eat something special for example Noir de Bigorre, Wagyu beef, Chianina beef, Mieral poultry, elk, grouse etc. please ask Beat Caduff.

Wines for menus

Since we have more than 2’000 different types of wines and our wines on offer changes on a weekly basis, you can select the appropriate ones with Beat Caduff or our sommelier directly in our wine cellar. See our wines on offer under following link: Weine im Offenausschank

We kindly ask you to select a unitary menu for all your guests. In case someone would prefer a vegetarian or a fish menu, please tell us in advance or upon your arrival.