Tuesday 17 September to Saturday 16 November 2019.

Beat Caduff goes hunting himself and brings his trophies to the Wine Loft.

Anything that’s served as “game speciality” elsewhere is really just farmed meat. What that has to do with game or the wild is for others to try and explain. We are huntsmen and consider true game to be animals that have lived in the wild. Animals such as grouse, who have eaten purple heather and nibbled cranberries, blueberries and juniper berries. A desire that gives the meat its incomparable taste. The same is true of the picky chamois which find and pick more alpine herbs than the best flower experts can even count. This adds to the wonderful flavour of wild deer, stags, reindeer and elk.

The animals shot by Beat are hung in his own cold store in Arosa for a full ten days. No butcher will do this anymore, so the meat has a tenderness and maturity that cannot be found anywhere else. What Beat cannot shoot himself comes from the best suppliers from Austria, Germany, France, Scotland, Denmark and Sweden. Wild birds are bought with all their feathers intact, not vacuum-packed. If you find pellets in the meat or a dish is sold out, you can take it as a sign that our game is truly wild. This is Beat’s great passion, which he follows with heart and soul, and wants to share with you all.